Social Media Calendar

Calendar Week: November 22 – 28, 2016

November 22, 2016

Facebook: The kids are home for the holiday with energy to spare. Make sure there are plenty of grab and go snacks on hand to lessen the stress of a full household. Also, as your little ones enjoy their Thanksgiving break enter them into our #HolidayHobbies contest. The picture we like the most will win 10 free bags of Mister Bee chips in your favorite flavors and a tour of the Mister Bee facility. Three runners up will each win 2 free bags of chips.

To enter:         1. Like Mister Bee Potato Chips on Facebook.

  1. Post the picture of your child with a bag of Mister Bee chips doing their favorite Thanksgiving break pastime on Facebook or Instagram with #HolidayHobbies.
  2. Only one photo per child.
  3. Entry must be posted by November 26th at 11:59 p.m.

(Picture of a child enjoying Mister Bee chips)                      

Twitter: Kids at home on holiday and constantly hungry? Keep your growing family full with Mister Bee Potato Chips on hand. Stock up on your family’s favorite flavors! Also enter to win 10 free bags of your favorite chips and a tour in our #HolidayHobbies contest. See our Facebook page for details. (Provide link)

Instagram: Same picture as Facebook with HolidayHobbies spelled out with Scrabble letters on the floor by the kid

November 23, 2016

Facebook: Remember while preparing for the holiday to catch that perfect picture of your little one for our #HolidayHobbies contest. (Provide link to Facebook post with details here); Post picture of a cooked turkey and photoshop Mister Bee Potato Chips around it.

Twitter: Don’t forget to post a picture of that little one you are most thankful for to enter our #HolidayHobbies contest. (Provide link for details)

Instagram: Post a picture of a little kid with fork and knife in hand and the succulent turkey in front of them on the table and the Mister Bee chips around it.

November 24, 2016

Facebook: The Mister Bee family hopes you have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones. We are most thankful for the people in the Mister Bee family: employees and their loved ones, customers, and the whole community who give us a home. Happy Thanksgiving! #HolidayHobbies (Provide link for details)

(Post a picture of a cartoon turkey sitting on a couch with its family eating Mister Bee chips)

Twitter: To the whole of the Mister Bee family, Happy Turkey Day! #HolidayHobbies

Instagram: Post same picture as Facebook with #HolidayHobbies on a banner behind the turkeys

November 25, 2016

Facebook: Don’t let being hungry keep you from those amazing Black Friday Deals! Grab some individual bags of Mister Bee and snack through the shopping. Our family hopes you shop responsibly and safely. #HolidayHobbies (Provide link for details)

(Post a picture of the individual bags of chips peeking out of a purse)

Twitter: Grab those amazing deals without losing momentum! Keep your energy up with a snack from Mister Bee. #BlackFriday2016 #MisterBee #HolidayHobbies (Provide link for details)

Instagram: Same picture as Facebook #BlackFriday2016 #MisterBee

November 26, 2016

Facebook: While enjoying some of that leftover turkey on a sandwich today, grab a bag of Mister Bee potato chips! It’s the perfect Saturday lunch combo after the holiday. Don’t forget to enter our #HolidayHobbies contest with a picture of your little one by 11:59 p.m. tonight. Winners will be announced Monday by 4 p.m. (Provide link to details here)

Twitter: Slowing down from the holiday rush? Grab a bag of Mister Bee potato chips for the perfect combo with you leftover turkey sandwich. . Don’t forget to enter our #HolidayHobbies contest with a picture of your little one by 11:59 p.m. tonight. Winners will be announced Monday by 4 p.m. (Provide link to details here) #MisterBee

Instagram: Picture of kids around a table having turkey sandwiches and Mister Bee chips

November 27, 2016

Facebook: Thanks for all the great entries in our #HolidayHobbies contest. The judges are still trying to select the winners from all the fabulous participants. Here are a few of the cutest we found. (Post some of the pictures that were shared but not chosen)

Twitter: Thanks for your participation in the #HolidayHobbies contest. All the entries were amazing but the overall winners will be announced Monday. #MisterBee

Instagram: Collage of some of the entries with #HolidayHobbies at bottom

November 28, 2016

Facebook: Cyber Monday deals are in! While grabbing those deals on all the things you want enjoy some Mister Bee Potato Chips!

Winners of the #HolidayHobbies contest as follows:

1st Prize: Picture

Runners up: 3 Pictures

We will private message the winners with details on how to claim the prize.

Twitter: Enjoy Cyber Monday deals with a snack! #MisterBee

Instagram: Post a picture of someone from behind on the computer looking at Cyber Monday Deals with a bag of Mister Bee Potato Chips #MisterBee


Channels Assessment

The following channels were identified as valuable and profitable for Mister Bee Potato Chips. As shown earlier, the target audience spends their time on these platforms and these will encourage active engagement between the organization and its audiences. A greater presence in social media with a plan to modernize the way the company is reaching the public would increase not only sales but the boundaries of distribution as well. For the company to expand these boundaries, they have to reach not only the customers on social media who have either lived or visited West Virginia or know people who live here, but also people in other states who would want to get the brand made available where they live. 


As the most popular networking site, Facebook will be the first utilized social media. Facebook hosts people from all over the world, but is also one of the most popular platforms used in this area. Facebook is a great place for important content to reach everyone who has stake in this organization and beyond. Facebook is extremely social and allows users to check in, post photos, and review with location services turned on.

The Facebook page for the company is generally well constructed with plenty of information such as address, phone number, hours, price range, menu, and a link to their website that does work. It shows the company has a large amount of Likes at 14,973 and a Star Rating of 4.6 with the majority of the 1200 reviews boasting 5 Stars. They also have 441 photos and 10 videos/commercials in their gallery.

However, many of the photos are of the local area and don’t reflect the company as a whole. While it is good to promote the area their company is based and gives it the down home feel, more photos should entail chip production, employees, customers, and maybe stores that sell the products. The photos that show the company at local events and customers enjoying the product in various places are good for promotion.

The amount and consistency of posts is something that needs to be increased. For the year of 2016, they have had a total of 39 posts with an average of 4 per month. Most of these posts happen between 7-9 p.m. They are not posting and using this to its full potential. Facebook is one of the main social media sights used today and a lot of products are purchased solely from being seen on there.

Pros                                                                   Cons

Available to a wide range of demographics Facebook limits the amount of what people see organically
Free account for businesses An open platform allows for ratings and comments to be public
Best outlet to reach the target audience Significant time will need to be devoted to managing and restructuring the page and will become extra expense
Increased exposure to new markets  
Defined metrics help to refine ad targeting  
The platform encourages sharing through personal accounts  
Can serves as a customer service tool  


Instagram will also be utilized channel in this campaign. Instagram appeals to women in the target market and is seeing its strongest growth in this market. This is a platform that Mister Bee could use to bring the family feel to the company by sharing photos of the owners, employees, and the inner workings.

The company does not have an Instagram. When you search Mister Bee Potato Chips all that comes up is a map of where it is located. There is so much buzz they could be generating using this site. It would also help to expand their public reach with the potential of furthering their distribution area.

For stores to want to buy the product in more areas, customers have to like and want the product. We know that the public that is aware of the brand and have tried it like it. Now we have to extend brand awareness so a larger public wants to try the product. Once a large following has been amassed in areas outside of the current distribution area, the consumers will be calling for the stores in their area to make the product available. This will accomplish what the owners who purchased in 2015 claimed to want. The use of these social media outlets by delivering compelling posts, promoting brand awareness, and engaging customers further than this region will help to grow sales, distribution, and ultimately the company.

Pros                                                                   Cons

Provides Mister Bee with potential marketing content Targeting is not as refined as with other platforms
The account is free to activate and maintain Finding someone to maintain the account can become difficult and an extra expense
The platform drives engagement through guest postings Required monitoring for customer service issues
The ability to drive consumers to the Ordering link and promote the businesses that are contracted to sell the product  


It is unfortunate to note that the Twitter page looks nearly identical to their Facebook layout and has only 395 Tweets since they joined in January 2011. The pictures include many of the same as on Facebook as well. For 2016, they have had 31 Tweets with the average being 3 per month. 

These also are, for the majority, Retweets and not always drawing the customers’ attention to the company. They only have 306 Followers and are only following 67. Once again the issue seems to be the amount of Tweets and consistency. There is no hashtags used for the brand. Followers have no reason to Retweet any of the Tweets because they mostly already post Retweets. 

Twitter will be used to update on specials, new flavors or snacks, events that Mister Bee is involved in, and sharing the community. This will include the use of the branded hashtag that will also exist on Instagram. Twitter will expand to new audiences and businesses within the area and the state. As with Instagram this would have a link for ordering on the website and a list of businesses that Mister Bee Potato Chips are available for purchase. 

Pros                                                                   Cons

The use of hashtags allows users outside of the normal market to find the organization There is a limit on characters forcing the crafting of concise tweets
Limit in characters will keep target audience attention Significant time will be required to restructure and then upkeep the account
Allows links to drive customers to the ordering and businesses selling the product Required monitoring for customer service issues
Free account Not as popular as the other media outlets in this area
Ads are affordable  



Goals, Strategies, Objectives, and Tactics

Mister Bee Potato Chips

Goal — Boost Social Media Presence

Objective 1: Increase exposure on Facebook account to 25,000 Likes by December 31, 2016

Strategy 1: Create exposure through available and owned media channels 

Tactic 1: Mention Facebook account in TV commercials as a form of 

communicating with the company

Tactic 2: Add Facebook account to website and promotional materials

Tactic 3: Advise vendors who sell product to friend on Facebook to reach their customers

Tactic 4: Create at least 4 new posts a weeks

Tactic 5: Update design and content (pictures, information, etc.) for Facebook page

Objective 2: Establish Better Twitter account and have 500 followers by December 31, 2016

Strategy 1: Build, maintain, and promote a Twitter account 

Tactic 1: Create and design a Twitter page for the account

Tactic 2: Link to Facebook account and ask for friends on Facebook for Follow us on Twitter

Tactic 3: Create specific Hashtag for Mister Bee and share on Twitter, Facebook, TV commercials, and promotional materials

Tactic 4: Mention Twitter account in TV commercials and add to the website as a form of communicating with the company

Tactic 5: Tweet at least 4 times per week with hashtag; Follow news streams on Twitter and find stories to mention 

Objective 3: Establish Instagram and have 500 followers by December 31, 2016

Strategy 1: Build, maintain, and promote a Instagram account

Tactic 1: Create and design a Instagram page for the account

Tactic 2: Link to Facebook and Twitter accounts and ask for friends on Facebook for Follow us on Instagram

Tactic 3: Use hashtag for Mister Bee and share with interesting pictures of                       company, events where Mister Bee is used, customers buying Mister Bee at stores,     etc.

Tactic 4: Mention Instagram account in TV commercials and add to the website as a form of communicating with the company

Tactic 5: Post at least 3 times per week with hashtag

Tactic 6: Put Hashtag on one bag every 50 bags and if a person finds the hashtag needs to instagram a pic with the bag and wins a box of chips

Mister Bee Paper Edit


The focus would be engaging not only the current audience but opening the company to a larger range audience through time. A complete re-brand would not be necessary but the use of a social media campaign could help increase the number of people who are influenced to try the product. The focus would have to be not only on the quality of the product but that it is a hometown product that you can trust to feed your family.


The company was bought by a group of younger businessmen and women in 2015 who claimed that they wanted “to bring the company back to the forefront of people’s minds throughout the community (” However, they have put little to no effort in any marketing strategies and do not enable social media effectively as a way of keeping Mister Bee current. Other than adding a few products and changing the company name to the West Virginia Potato Chip Company, they have not progressed in their mission.


The new marketing should be targeted for women ages 35-54 because not only is this the largest age demographic in the area but women are more likely to be the ones buying the snacks for lunches, sports, and family outings.

Content Points

  • All natural products
  • Local Business with Community Involvement
  • Can be purchased online
  • Family oriented


A community company with community values and products you can trust.


Audio Visual


“A community company with community values. We have worked hard to become a part of your lives.” Voice Over with piano music playing in the background Wide shot of Parkersburg from Fort Boreman panning along the river.

0:00 – 0:04

Sounds of meat grilling, kids playing with a dog, and adults talking in the background

“Since I was little my family has eaten Mister Bee Potato Chips and my children will grow up eating them.” – Customer 1

Female customer at a back yard barbeque, sitting at a picnic table, wide shot showing the chips on the picnic table with burgers and hotdogs; in the background you can see a man at the grill and children running around with their dog; woman looks directly at the camera while speaking

0:04 – 0:08

“Products you can trust.” –Voice Over

Same sounds as previous with two women’s voices low talking

“Our potato chips are made from real, natural potatoes and all our flavorings are from organic seasonings.” – Quote from owner read order print

Female customer still sitting at the picnic table looks away and picks up and eats chip; begins talking to another woman who sits down with her food and a bag of chips

Print second quote over scene at bottom

0:08 – 0:12

“It is reassuring to know that it is a company whose products are made in my hometown and that it is made from good, natural ingredients.” – Customer 2 Second female customer looks at other woman while talking; tight shot on both together while first woman nods head in agreement

0:12 – 0:17

“Choosing Mister Bee is an easy choice because not only do they taste good, but they support our community through their profits. I know every dollar I spend on chips is going to a good cause.” — Customer 1 Shot zooms out and pans over kids playing with dog; they are wearing Mister Bee baseball uniforms and the dad at the grill has Coach on the back of his shirt; you see the women still talking in the forefront

0:17 – 0:22

“It is very important to our Mister Bee family to support all those families in the community who have made our company what it is today and their future generations.” –Owner; piano music soothing in background


Shot zooms out further and then changes to a picture of the Mister Bee employees and owners outside of the Business; One of the female owners speaking

0:22 – 0:26

“Mister Bee wants to build a brighter future with you. Come enjoy our chips and buy snacks from people you know and trust.” – All of the employees with the piano music in background Wide shot of the group of employees and owners out front of the store; once they say the quote they all hug and high five while shot zooms out and fades

0:26 – 0:30

Branding Video Analysis: British Airways India – A Ticket to Visit Mum

Brand Strategy

British Airways India incorporated the idea of family and the relationship between a mother and her child in creating their brand. They want British Airways India to be seen as an important part of keeping family in different parts of the globe together. They are trying to say they realize the importance of family and especially the importance of the relationship between a mother and a child.

Brand Positioning Statement

“It’s never been just about flying.” They are trying to say the company’s main objective is to bring people together.


A young man from India left home to live in New York, USA to pursue his dreams when he was 17. He hasn’t been back to visit his mother since. British Airways is letting the mother via an employee send his favorite home cooked meal to be delivered to him in his apartment as a surprise. She hopes this will be persuasive in getting him to visit home, but he has a surprise for her.


This works because almost everyone in today’s world can relate to having family members widespread if not only in one country, the world. Familial relationships become hard to maintain without person to person contact as everyone gets busy with their own lives. Airplanes have made the idea of a weekend visit to a faraway family member or friend a reality.


Target Audience: Mister Bee Potato Chip Co. Parkersburg, WV


Age: 35-54 years old, this is the highest percentage of age range of the states near or around Parkersburg, WV including West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The average percentage is of 26 % of the population in these states according to The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation State Health Facts (,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D). This age group would’ve grown up around Mister Bee if lived here all their lives. It would be commonly known.

Sex: They should market more to women because they are the ones purchasing whichever brand of chips for their kids’ lunches and activities along with their husband’s lunches.

Salary: I think the targeted age group of women would be from a household income of between $40,000 – $50,000. Many may be stay at home moms or single moms with full time jobs that needs easy things to pack in their kids’ lunches.

Education: No matter their profession, the targeted audience would at least have some college education, if not their Bachelor’s degree.

Family Life: The targeted audience would be a nuclear family with either one or more children, a husband and wife who lead busy lives, and children who are in several activities that warrant the need for quick snacks and additions to meals.

Location: The target audience could live within a state away because of the ability to order on Mister Bee’s website. Ideally though, they would live within the area where Mister Bee’s are available in stores.

Transportation: The family either has a safe four door Sedan or maybe a van of some sort to lug the kids and all their equipment to their extracurricular activities.


This targeted audience would have a strong daily presence on Facebook. Mister Bee would really need to bulk up their advertising and awareness of their use on this platform. Also many of the people in this age group (28% ages 30-49 and 11% ages 50-64; Pew Research Center, have Instagram while not many have Twitter. Instead of having the Twitter, the company should focus on setting up and maintaining an Instagram to further their coverage in this targeted audience. The company’s presence in these two platforms would not only bring about more customers in their targeted area but extend the awareness of their brand further giving an opportunity for growth.

This targeted audience could be categorized as Creators depending on the profession, amount of time at home or level of involvement in the children’s extracurricular groups and community groups; Joiners following many of the extracurricular groups and friends within their social circle; or Critics who see information put on their Facebook or Instagram and commenting on how it doesn’t belong there or affects their children in some way.

Celebrity vs Politician Social Media Use

Celebrities and politicians alike both use social media as a way to reach the public and elevate their fame. But each one doesn’t use the fame for the same agendas on their social media accounts. I chose to analyze the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for celebrity Steve Harvey of Family Feud and politician West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III.

They both regularly use Facebook and Twitter, but while Steve Harvey has an Instagram account, Joe Manchin does not have anything on his account. It doesn’t look like it has been used at all. For that reason, I will focus mainly on Facebook and Twitter in the analysis. One thing I did notice is that their information on their accounts including Harvey’s Instagram is uniform in that the information is nearly 99% the same on all the accounts. However, the content of Harvey’s accounts and those of Manchin’s Facebook and Twitter differ greatly. Manchin uses his social media for politics and his work as Senator with very little personal content. Harvey gets more personal with his family and home life, as well as using it to promote causes he believes in, engage the public, spread positive thoughts and good will with words of encouragement, and sometimes promote his show and radio work but sharing his favorite clips.

Facebook – Steve Harvey


Harvey posts an average of once a day and sometimes up to two or three times a day. He shares many pictures of his family and family moments. He often replies to posts and when someone brings negativity to the comments, tries to turn them around with more positive comments.


The content of his posts reveal that his main goal seems to be to create an emotional connection with his fans and lift them up from their troubles and issues instead of flaunting the success he has had. He often uses hash tags while doing this. For example, he also has a he and his wife’s foundation which he promotes through his social media following: the Steve and Marjorie Foundation, (#SMHF) which focuses on child and “meeting the needs of the whole child through programs that foster excellence in youth”. He also shares issues he feels strongly about and highlights and thanks other celebrities for their donations to charity.


Twitter – Steve Harvey


For his Twitter account, much of the information shared is the same as seen on Facebook but some of the photos, like his cover photos, differ. While many of the posts on Facebook can be found as tweets, he does have several extra tweets with information that wasn’t on Facebook. He also has polls and it seems he tweets a lot more than he posts on Facebook with 53.3K tweets. His accounts are all linked together so you can get to his Twitter and his website from Facebook but you can also get to his website from Twitter. He tweets about 2-3 times daily. One hash tag he uses, #Jump, is his way of saying not to let the fear of doing something keep you from doing it and that you can pursue your dreams.


#StrawberryLetter comes from his morning radio show where listeners can write in about issues they are having for help through discussion and advice on the radio.

FacebookWV Senator Joe Manchin III

The Facebook page of Senator Joe Manchin III of the Democratic Party doesn’t share as many private aspects of his life as Harvey’s does. The most private he gets is sharing his religious views. The posts mostly involve different causes and issues he is addressing in the community and around West Virginia, trying to get funding for different projects, legislation is trying to get passed, and news articles covering him. The issues we see most mentioned are the coal industry and miners, domestic violence, funding for police and firefighters, substance abuse initiatives, and military veterans and their families. He has photos of different events he has participated in such as the National Drug Abuse Summit, WV Identification Intelligence Seminar & Expo, the Veterans Employment Forum, and the Coal Technology Symposium, to name a few.


He also has a many videos from rallies to “A Day as a Senator” video.


His page feels very much like a politician running for office or trying to stay in office. He is good about posting though. He posts on average about every other day. It is different from Harvey’s in that it doesn’t have a personal touch to it and it doesn’t seem to try to want to engage the audience as much.

Twitter – WV Senator Joe Manchin III


Almost nearly all of the content of the Senator’s Twitter is recycled from Facebook. He tweets about every other day. He does use several hash tags to gain interest in the causes and issues he supports such as #WV, #WVFlood, and #opioidepidemic. Although, there isn’t much I can add from what has already been said on his Facebook. It seems the agenda is the same here.

So while the celebrity seems to relish more on getting connected with his audience on a personal level and spreading positivity to the masses, the politician in this case seems to use his social media as his soap box. Both use it to their personal gain but with different outcomes: one among the audience and one to retain his political office.

Thanks for reading my analysis.